About Arjon Publishing


  • About Arjon Publishing

    Arjon Publishing is a publisher of three separate archives of very high-end content on the greatest songs and musical artists of the last 50 years in popular music: 

    1) Beatle Song Profiles provides information on all 225 songs The Beatles recorded from all 12 of their studio albums.  Each song profile includes the inspiration and origins of the song, what was unique about the vocals, production and musicianship, what the speaker is saying and the meaning of the lyrics.

    2) TalkMusic is a collection of profiles of  500 Top-Ten hit songs from 1955-1975. Learn what inspired the songwriter and the singer about the composition, the unique aspects of the music and the recording, and the meaning and interpretation behind the lyrics.

    3)  Beatle Musings is a three-volume collection of essays that documents the musical and historical legacy. of The Beatles. t documents how The Beatles changed the world.


    Why you will want to read our books

    You may or may not be suitable for our very high-end content on the many subjects of popular music. You are if -while you love listening to musical treasures from the past- you also want to know more about these songs and how they came into existence. You are tired of the superficial information on the Internet and from the mainstream media or specialized music press. You want high-end, quality content- not Wikipedia bio details and worn-out historical narratives.

    You want to know more about these great musical treasures- what inspired the writers of these songs, the story behind how the track was performed and recorded, what are the unique aspects of the musicianship on the song, what is the story that the singer is presenting,  and what the lyrics are describing. You know these artists are famous because you have heard and love the tracks. The song was first a record- a track- and then song, composition, etc. Our “song profiles” provide the story behind the song. It enables you to merge the “visceral” with the “cerebral”. You already know how to enjoy the song on the “visceral” level- through our veins and bones when we listen to it. Our content enables you to appreciate it through your brain.

    “Song Profiles” are a completely new way of enjoying and appreciating all these great musical masterpieces.

    You also want to educate yourself about the legacy of the greatest artists from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s- not the last thirty years of corporate-packaged garbage that is passed off as “popular music”. You don't care at all about “new artists” as the majority of music you enjoy listening to was made 60, 50, 40 and 30 years ago. You want serious, balanced, expert analyses of which songs and artists are overrated and which have not been fully recognized for their importance.  You have no time for adulation- especially when it comes to The Beatles. You want higher-end content that you will remember a year from now because it made an impact on your brain.

    We take great pride in the quality and quantity of the enormous amount of content we have created on these very important subjects. If the world is to properly appreciate great works of musical art- it must have information  such as this.