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  • An Alternative View Of The Beatle Legacy

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    An Alternative View Of The Beatle Legacy is the third volume of essays of the research study BeatleMusings- an anthology of scholarship that examines the historical and musical legacy of The Beatles. It provides “alternative perspectives” to explain the historical phenomenon of The Beatles.

    For the past 50 years all of the information published and disseminated about The Beatles has focused on the historical narrative. We know the “whos” and “hows” of their story. What we don’t know is the “whys.”

    An Alternative View Of The Beatle Legacy reports on what was really behind the “Paul is Dead” rumor of the death of Paul McCartney in October 1969, and who benefited from it.

     An Alternative View Of The Beatle Legacy concludes with a series of research reports on the “esoteric” side of the Beatle legacy: What do the Tarot cards say about The Beatles?  Were The Beatles “Shamans-high priests?”

    The final essay proposes that the meaning of the Beatle legacy is not the “music of Lennon-McCartney” and the 27 Number One songs- but rather- the musical and historical legacy of both Ringo and George. While in the conventional view The Beatles were referred to as “John, Paul, George and Ringo,” from an esoteric perspective, the order is Ringo, George, Paul and John- Ringo being the most important; John the least. 


    An Alternative View of The Beatle Legacy

    1. Lennon vs. McCartney

    2. How McCartney and Lennon Ripped-Off Ringo and George

    5. Apple and The Beatle Legacy

    6. “Paul is Dead:” The Greatest Urban Legend of All Time

    8. The Beatles and The Tarot

    9. The Hidden Meaning of Beatles Songs

    10. An Esoteric View of The Beatle Legacy



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