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  • The Musical Legacy Of The Beatles

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    The Musical Legacy Of The Beatles is the first part of the research study Beatle Musingsan anthology of scholarship that examines the musical and historical legacy of The Beatles.

    The book objectively analyzes the value of the musical contributions each of the four members of group contributed to their overall sound. The research revealed a number of astonishing conclusions regarding the core of Beatle music: it was Ringo and George’s musicianship that defined the signature sound of the band- not Lennon and McCartney’s songwriting or vocal attributes.

    Another research study that is reported on explores Paul McCartney’s spectacular development as a bass player, and how he became the only bassist who uses his instrument not only to play, but also to write and compose songs.

    This unique anthology of Beatle scholarship reports on the role producer George Martin had on the development and creation of Beatle music. It describes the innovative contributions he made to so many of the greatest Beatle songs- and how he shaped their overall sound.

    Another subject is the “covers of Beatle songs”- the thousands of singers and musicians who have performed and recorded Beatle songs over the last 50 years. Despite the large number of recordings and performances- the topic is unknown in the mainstream music world.

    Another essay points out the other side of the coin:  the importance the cover songs of other artists that The Beatles performed and recorded had on their musical development. It is in these early recording efforts that they developed their unique singing styles and techniques.

    The book contains a report on the hitherto unknown subject of “bootlegs” of Beatle recordings. It explains how these “alternative” versions of well-known Beatle songs can help us to better appreciate and understand these great musical treasures.

    Conclusions are also presented from a global team of scientists who designed a scientific method to analyze and then identify common characteristics in Beatle songs. Their fascinating investigation led to a better understanding of the methods and techniques The Beatles employed to communicate their musical message.

    The final set of research topics focus on the challenge of enshrining the Beatle legacy. It reports on a round-table discussion by leading Beatle scholars and as to what needs to be done to support the future of Beatle scholarship so that more people know more about not only their musical legacy- but also as an “Historical Entity”.


    Table of Contents

    1.   Why We Love The Beatles

    2.   How Much Is Each Beatle Worth?

    3.   Giving Ringo His Due Credit

    4.   The “Thank-You” George Never Got

    5.   McCartney, The Composer

    6.   What George Martin Gave The Beatles

    7.   Cover Songs: The Beatles in Rehearsal

    8.   Analyzing Beatle Songs

    9.   How The Beatles Communicated Through Their Songs

    10.  McCartney or Lennon?

    11. The Bakhtin Dialogics of Beatle Music

    12. The Parallel World of  Beatle Bootlegs

    13. The Future of Beatle Scholarship


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