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  • The Beatles As An Historical Entity

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    The Beatles As An Historical Entity is the second volume of essays of the research study Beatle Musings- an anthology of scholarship that examines the historical and musical legacy of The Beatles.

    The Beatles sculpted the thinking of the late 20th century society.  They were not just a musical landmark – but a general landmark in all western civilization. They essentially wrote a “requiem for the Modern Age.”

    This is the book that documents how The Beatles changed the world.

    The essays and research studies in the book show how The Beatles’ historical legacy has influenced and impacted a wide range of subjects over the past 50 years:  the generation gap,feminism, individual political freedom, the gender revolution, globalization, and the various cycles of the stock market. Readers will also learn the incredible story of how The Beatles contributed to the demise of Communism and the fall of The Soviet Union.

    A research study on the Beatles and religion reveals how The Beatles’ could almost be considered a religion as there are rituals, hymns and a canon of literature- and even a Messiah-like figure who got crucified.

    Additional essays in the anthology discuss how spatial issues such as “geography” and “tourism” played a key role in how the public viewed and interacted with The Beatles.


    Table of Contents:

    1.  The Beatles and Ourselves

    2 . The Beatles and Globalization

    3.  The Beatles and The Generation Gap

    4.  The Beatles and The Gender Revolution

    5.  The Beatles and Geography

    6.  The Beatles and Wall Street

    7.  The Beatles and The Fall of the Soviet Union

    8.  The Beatles and Communism

    9.  The Beatles and Political Freedom

    10. The Beatles and Religion

    11. The Beatles and The Tarot

    12. An Esoteric View of The Beatle Legacy






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